Sunpentown 3 cup Stainless Steel Rice Cooker and Steamer

I have not tried the Sunpentown SC886 3 Cup Stainless Rice Cooker but I have read many positive opinions. Here is a costumer review by Mt. Redoubt.

“We have waited a long time for an 3-4 cup rice cooker that utilized a non-coated stainless inner steam pot. By chance I happened to hear of the Sunpentown 3 cup rice cooker at a reasonable price and it included a stainless steel inner cooking pot. I ordered one from Amazon and was worried that the inner pot would be coated with some type of non-stick so I e-mailed Sunpentown asking if this was the case. Within an hour I received a cordial letter informing me that all of the inner cooking components were stainless steel and not coated with any PTFE or any chemical. After receiving the cooker we enjoyed 3 cups of great tasting rice and because the pot sits in 1 cup of water the extreme temperature to the bottom of the inner pot is minimized and the rice is cooked evenly. We still soak the cooking pot for a short time but it is not necessary and cleaning is very easy. Thank you Sunpentown for developing Sunpentown SC886, exactly the right rice cooker this family wanted”. Read The Whole Review

This is the only Cooker I know about where the inner pot is made of Stainless Steel not aluminium and immersed in water. I can think of several other uses that requires immersion in water as making Sauce Hollandaise or Bearnaise. This is what the manufacturer says about the product..

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