The Benefits of Slow Cooking and One-Pot Meals

Many of us have gotten used to a instant life.  Instant messaging, instant coffee, and instant food. I don’t think people have forgotten the wonderful taste of slow cooking recipes with the use of a slow cooker but we all feel there is no time left at the end of day. Slow cooking seems to be a thing of the past but now it need not be.

Most Computerized  “Fuzzy Logic” Rice Cookers Works as a Slow Cooker!

A slow cooker, sometimes called a crock-pot in the United States, is an electrical cooking apparatus that uses the moist-heat cooking method of simmering. Simmering uses a relatively low temperature for a long time and can be preset and done for many hours so you can leave your cooking unattended.

The design of the slow cooker is simple: it has a round or oval cooking pot with a lid, which is surrounded by a housing that contains the electric heating element. The cooking pot is usually made of porcelain or glazed ceramic while the housing is made out of metal. The lid is made of glass and sits on a groove at the edge of the pot and provides a low pressure seal.

Some slow cookers have three slow cooking settings: low, medium, and high. Older slow cookers have to be turned on and off manually. Now most slow cookers have computerized timing devices which allow the user to program the cooking time, and to pre-set the start and finish of the cooking.

Using a Rice Cooker as a Slow Cooker is easy.

Raw food and cooking liquid such as water, stock or wine are placed inside the slow cooker and the machine is turned on. Most cookers switch automatically from cooking to warming after a few minutes. The temperature is kept steady by the heating elements of the slow cooker/rice cooker and the lid helps to maintain a constant temperature as well as keep the vapor from escaping. The vapor produced while cooking is condensed back to the pot and its contents. Even if the machine is turned off, the food inside the pot will still be kept warm.

The Benefits of Slow Cooking!

  • Slow cooking is nutritious and healthy.
  • Slow cookers prepare your meal without your attention and while you are at work.
  • Cheaper cuts of meat with connective tissue and lean muscle fiber are suitable for stewing, and tastier than stews using expensive cuts
  • The method used by slow cooking will soften the connective tissue of different cuts of meat so you will have a delicious and tender Slow Cooked Beef Stew for dinner.
  • Because you have slow cooked your dish in a single pot, you will have less dishes and cleaning up after the meal.

In my opinion the best rice cooker/multicooker is the VitaClay series with their unglazed organic clay pots.

VitaClay is an organic rice cooker/multicooker with the inner pot VitaClay MultiCooker made of Chinas valued Zisha clay that brings out the natural flavors and preserves essential nutrients. With the combination of traditional clay cooking and modern technology VitaClay has pre-programmed options for brown and white rice alongside with slow cooking options for stews and soups.

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